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The Missing Piece of Managed Portfolios

Today, clients have real needs — protecting legacy assets, attaining a well funded retirement, and reaching specific future financial goals. And today an advisor’s interaction with clients needs to go beyond performance. Digital solutions enable top advisors to focus on solving client problems. Advisors need to embrace technological advancements that promote fresh and targeted ways to deliver solutions for their clients’ financial wellness —helping them navigate the personal financial challenges of our age from a generational shift — from Baby Boomer clients relying on pensions, to younger clients who are entirely responsible for generating their own retirement incomes.

Annuities have been a missing and functional piece to solving the puzzle. With FIDx Ix, advisors can gain control over assets not traditionally available in managed accounts and deliver truly comprehensive advice to their clients.

How It Works

This unparalleled technology helps advisors support the entire wealth management lifecycle from accumulation to decumulation–including everything from streamlined proposals through account opening, as well as account management, in-force transactions and unified reporting. It integrates seamlessly with your current wealth management platform.

Advisors can now truly deliver comprehensive advice to their clients. Advisors and home office employees will have access to a centralized experience with new capabilities including the ability to control the availability of products and constrain them to standard investment policies and risk frameworks.


A Simple and Effective Way to Offer Your Clients Holistic Advice

A Win For Advisors

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