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FIDx Creates New Opportunities

At FIDx, our mission is to support the full cycle of wealth management to encompass investor’s needs at a time when many Americans face the prospect of retiring without adequate income or downside protection. FIDx technology is the first and only solution that empowers advisors to offer guaranteed income and downside protection as core components of their clients’ portfolios—integrated within the same wealth management platforms they already use every day.

FIDx is an independent technology firm founded by notable industry problem-solvers. It provides a neutral, product-agnostic exchange that seamlessly connects advisors to best-in-class annuities and insurance solutions from the industry’s leading carriers.

For carriers, we bring paperless efficiency and data-driven intelligence to product development and distribution—as well as instant access to the advisor channel, including fee-based RIAs—with minimal investment in technology development.

For advisors and platform providers, we bring transparency, control, and convenience to annuity sales across the entire wealth management lifecycle so advisors can now deliver truly comprehensive advice to their clients.

By integrating annuities with wealth management solutions for the first time, FIDx is creating new opportunities for carriers, platforms and advisors, while helping investors achieve the retirement security they seek, making financial wellness a reality.

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